Criminal Defense

baldwin-mobileAs a former Baldwin County Assistant District Attorney, Matthew E. Rone has experience litigating a variety of criminal cases. Getting competent criminal defense counsel involved at the earliest possible stage can be crucial to the outcome of any criminal case. Do not take a wait-and-see approach to a criminal situation. Do not seek answers to questions about your rights and legal status from police officers and prosecutors who do not have a legal duty to act in a suspect’s best interest. You are innocent until you are proven guilty. For more information about your specific case, contact our office to discuss your legal options. A serious criminal charge can have a defendant fighting for his or her fundamental freedom. Do not gamble while your freedom is at stake!

As with most attorneys who handle criminal litigation, the fee is normally based on a “flat fee”. The first consultation is normally free. If the firm can assist in any particular matter, then a fee is established by agreement. Contact the Law Office of Mathew E. Rone, Inc. today. We will stand up for your legal rights and fight for your exoneration.

We represent clients in:

  • Federal Court
  • State Court (Circuit and District)
  • Municipal Courts

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